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Where the sun will not rise for two months


What if the sun doesn’t rise one day? Maybe you cannot believe it. But unbelievably true, residents of Utkiakvik, Alaska, have bid farewell to the sun for subsequent two months.

The sun has not been seen within the area since noon on Thursday (November 19), civil time . Originally located within the Northern Arctic Circle , this region has entered a period of obscurity, referred to as the Polar Night.

Meteorologists say, ‘Polar nights are normal for any region within the Arctic Circle . per annum when winter comes, these areas remain in such darkness for a few time.

The people of the town , which features a population of only 4,000, are preparing to stay darkly for subsequent 75 days. thanks to its proximity to the polar regions, the coldest city of Alaska was plunged into the darkness of the longest night. the world is roofed with ice as there’s no sun at this point .

In winter the world tilts slightly along its axis. and since of this, the sun doesn’t shine within the hemisphere for 2 months of winter. However, it’ll not be completely dark. Residents are going to be immersed in light and darkness like halogen.

Just as there are 2 consecutive nights in winter, there are 2 consecutive days in summer. And this example is named atmospheric phenomenon or Polar Day.


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