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There is no good news anywhere


One door after another is closing for US President Donald Trump. the great news seems to possess spread from all around. The president is usually upset by the news of defeat. within the meantime, important news has come that lawmakers in Michigan have hinted that they’re going to not apply for a change within the possible outcome of Joe Biden’s victory. each day earlier, Biden had won the recount by defeating Trump in Georgia.

According to US media reports, the 2 Republican lawmakers involved a general process to legalize the vote at the White House meeting. Mike Shirkey and Michigan State House Speaker Lee Chatfield met with President Trump at the White House on Friday (November 20).

They said during a joint statement after the meeting that Trump’s eldest son, Corona, who was attacked this point , had no information about changing the result of the Michigan election. therein case, the law and therefore the Michigan electorate will work as normal.

Despite all this, Biden has been stubbornly accusing President Trump of rigging the election. He has been claiming victory on Twitter.

According to CNN’s projection, Biden, the Democrat candidate, has secured 306 electoral votes by crossing the 270 electoral magic figure for victory. Trump’s electoral number is 232. consistent with the constitution, Trump will need to fork over the presidency to Biden before January 20. therein case, Biden are going to be sworn in on January 20, 2021.

However, there’s a rumor in various quarters that Trump will relinquish power within the normal process.


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