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The income of Malik-Hafiz increased


The match fees of 4 senior Pakistan cricketers Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Hafeez, Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz are increased. Although none of them are in Pakistan’s central agreement.

These 4 stars are informed that they’re going to tend match fee in ‘A’ category from now on by increasing the match fee within the previous ‘C’ category.

A senior Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the board’s chief executive, Wasim Khan, had been told by four people at an equivalent time that it had been insulting for them to not be included within the central contract and to pay match fees within the lower category. As a senior cricketer they deserve the very best category match fee.

Earlier, Malik-Hafizs weren’t getting any salary allowance from the PCB because it wasn’t included within the central agreement. And as they were in ‘C’ category as match fee, they were getting Rs 2 lakh for every ODI match. Where they were getting less money for every T20 match.

However, as they need been promoted to ‘A’ category, from now on they’re going to get Rs 4 lakh 60 thousand for every ODI match. On the opposite hand, they’re going to get 3 lakh 30 thousand rupees for 1 T20 match.

Of the four senior cricketers, Hafeez only plays white ball cricket. On the opposite hand, Mohammad Malik is playing only in T20. Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz haven’t yet announced their retirement from any format, although they’re not regular members of the team.

Although the board accepted the appliance of those 4 experienced cricketers to extend the match fee, it didn’t make another demand. They demanded that they be allowed to travel to foreign leagues on easy terms. However, the PCB didn’t answer their demands.

Mohammad Hafeez has recently suffered a loss of Rs 1 crore. Because the Pak board didn’t allow him to play within the Sri Lankan Premier League. Instead, the selectors have included him within the squad for the upcoming T20 series against New Zealand.

Hafeez wanted to hitch the team playing within the Sri Lankan league. However, the board has made it clear that Corona has got to accompany the team as she has quarantine issues at the instant . Otherwise he are going to be dropped from the team. As a result, Mohammad Hafeez has decided to remain with the team.

Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Amir are currently in Sri Lanka to play within the Sri Lankan Premier League. Because they weren’t included within the squad for the series against New Zealand.


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