Home Entertainment Salman grabbed Shah Rukh’s collar on Katrina’s birthday!

Salman grabbed Shah Rukh’s collar on Katrina’s birthday!

Salman grabbed Shah Rukh's collar on Katrina's birthday!

Recently, a photo feature in the Indian media Anandabazar revealed the hostile relationship between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. It has been claimed in the news that Salman once grabbed Shah Rukh’s collar at a party. On this day there were clashes between the two.

The events of 2006. The two Khans got into an argument at a party organized on the occasion of Katrina Kaif’s birthday. Then the whole of Bollywood was divided into two camps. Today, despite the courtesy between the two stars, no one has forgotten the memory of the fight.

Shah Rukh and Salman started their careers almost simultaneously. They had a good relationship from the beginning. But for the first time, the tone of their relationship revolves around Aishwarya Rai. When Aishwarya’s love affair with Salman peaked, Ash and Sallu had a good relationship with Shah Rukh.

Shah Rukh Khan gave Aishwarya his first chance in the movie ‘Chalte Chalte’. But Aishwarya could not work in that film till the end due to Salman’s objection. Shah Rukh was by Aishwarya’s side during Salman-Aishwarya’s break up. Then there was a rift between him and Salman. The two also got into trouble.

They got involved in a dispute at Farha Khan’s wedding in 2004. However, the two stars settled it. Then, in 2008, on Katrina’s birthday, they got into a fight. Several pictures of Katrina, including ‘Namaste London’, ‘Singh Is King’, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Partner’, have been hits at the box office. To celebrate Katrina’s birthday that year, Salman hosted a gorgeous party at a restaurant in Bandra on July 18.

Many stars of Tinsel Town were present at his invitation. It was a little late for Shah Rukh to arrive at the party. Witnesses later said that by then Salman was intoxicated. In the inner circle of the industry, it can be heard that Shah Rukh used to joke in his usual manner as soon as he entered the party. But at that time Salman did not take his joke well at all.

Salman also told Shah Rukh Khan about a photo plan at the party. He thought he would make that picture. There he requested Shah Rukh to work in the role of a guest artist. But Shah Rukh returned the offer as soon as he heard it. Salman did not like his refusal. In the fray, Shah Rukh indirectly raised the issue of Aishwarya without naming her. Salman could no longer control himself with direct hints about his ex.

Allegedly, he grabbed Shah Rukh’s collar in front of everyone in the party. Forgetting space-time-pot, the two stars start fighting.

At that time Gauri Khan, Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan tried but could not stop them. News of the conflict between the two stars spread like wildfire. Within moments, the media crowd gathered in front of the restaurant in Bandra. The devastated Shah Rukh Khan is leaving the party with Gauri after being caught on camera. On the other hand, Katrina is sitting next to Salman and crying in the car.

After the quarrel, Bollywood was practically divided into two camps. Stars like Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar were by Salman’s side. Again Karan Johar, Yash Chopra, Javed Akhtar leaned towards Shah Rukh.

After that Shah Rukh and Salman used to avoid each other for a long time. Finally, in 2013, they met at the Iftar party given by Baba Siddiqui. Five years later, the two warring stars were caught in the same frame. Hugged each other.

In 2014, the picture of Shah Rukh and Salman at the wedding of Salman’s sister Arpita went viral. The heartfelt body language of the two shows that they want to settle the quarrel this time. Gradually their relationship became easier.


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