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Ongoing lockdown could escalate in Germany


The number of corona infections in Germany has exceeded a million . The death record is not any less. during this situation, the authorities are getting to increase the continued partial lockdown within the country.

Not all the achievements of the planet are proud, a bit like the powerful country of Central Europe, Germany. the amount of individuals infected with Kovid Nineteen within the country has now surpassed a million on foot, with 8 lakh recovering but the entire number of deaths is 16,000.

Ordinary Germans are wondering whether the Merkel government’s partial lockdown will increase in such a crisis.

A local told Sangbad News, “Look, lockdown means huge loss to Germany from all sides. Suppose we are talking about Bangladesh. Bangladesh is Germany’s second largest trade friend, but thanks to the corona, the import and export of the 2 countries has collapsed.” However, if Corona are often subdued by increasing the lockdown, i’m in favor of extending the lockdown for an additional three weeks until vaccination begins.

Meanwhile, the speed of infection with the deadly virus in November is hinting that the month of Christmas are going to be even more frightening for Corona. that’s why restrictions are taken.

Another local resident told Time News that it had been learned within the news that it’s been decided to increase the lockdown till December 20. there’s no answer except to welcome the entire thing, then maybe ordinary people can celebrate Christmas and New Year in peace and safety with their families.

Primary and secondary educational institutions are kept open within the country in such a fragile situation. Where 20 thousand students are suffering from corona as against 3 thousand teachers, there are 2 lakh more in quarantine.


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