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Nutritious winter food to keep the body healthy

Nutritious winter food to keep the body healthy

Illness increases at the beginning of winter. The body cannot easily adapt to the cause of sudden climate change. In addition, the body’s resistance to disease is reduced at this time. Nutritionists say it is important to keep the body hydrated at this time. Failure to keep the body hydrated can affect immunity and body temperature.

There are some vegetables which are easily available in the market during winter. Playing these keeps the body fresh.

Let’s find out what to do in winter to keep the body healthy.

1. Nutritious spinach can be eaten in winter. Spinach is beneficial for skin and hair. It also reduces excess weight. This vegetable helps to keep our body hydrated in winter.

2. You can eat tomatoes in winter. It contains about 90 percent water, which helps to keep the body nourished from within. Tomatoes help to lose weight.

3. Yellow and green capsicum contains plenty of water, which helps keep the body hydrated. Capsicum contains 93.9 percent water. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, beta carotene, thiamine and folic acid.

4. Olive oil is rich in vitamin-E, a good fatty nutrient that keeps the body moisturized from the inside out. You can massage the body with olive oil to keep the skin good. It is quite effective in keeping the body fit.

5. You can eat lemon in winter. It contains a lot of vitamin C which keeps the skin well and works to prevent colds. 

. You can make salads, soups and various curries with winter cauliflower. Also plenty of vegetables are available during the winter. Playing these fills the body with essential nutrients. The body stays healthy. In addition, eating vegetables helps in weight control.


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