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‘Must play out of the box’


Fortune Barisal captain Tamim Iqbal is preparing to play in Bangabandhu T20 League after finishing Pakistan Super League (PSL). Tamim is sort of confident to try to to well during this tournament. At an equivalent time with optimistic young players.

Tamim wants to focus more on the way to play well rather than brooding about the squad. Tamim thinks that those that aren’t discussed will had best during this tournament. Will prove themselves. He also wants to return on the sector with different plans for the upcoming tournament.

Tamim said, ‘To achieve success you’ve got to play out of the box cricket. it’ll be difficult to win as I always plan. The resources that we’ve , if we expect a touch out of the box, we will surprise the opposite team. I don’t expect two or three people to play well if they will . tons can happen. ‘

Irfan Shukkur, Touhid Hridoy and Afif Hossain Dhruv, who performed well within the President’s Cup, will play Tamim’s teammates in Barisal. The captain is sort of optimistic about these three young cricketers.


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