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Mother-sister murdered in cricket betting!


An engineering student killed his mother and sister while playing cricket. The 23-year-old from Hyderabad, India, bet all his mother’s money in a bank. After confirming his death as planned, he was taken to the hospital. 

According to the Mumbai Mirror, citing local police, Sainat mixed pesticides in his mother’s and sister’s food. The 23-year-old student used to study MTech. He was studying in the second year. Father Prabhakar Reddy died three years ago. Mother Sunita (44) was working in a private company. Sister Anuja (22) used to study in pharmacy.

After Prabhakar’s death, Sunita deposited the money she got from life insurance and by selling some properties in the bank. Sainat bet Rs 20 lakh without informing his mother. He lost all the money. The bet was bigger. That’s why he sold 15 pieces of mother’s jewelry.

Sunita and Anuja can know everything. Sunita instructed her son to leave everything. Sainat plans to gamble on all the family property. That’s why he mixed poison in the food of mother and sister. On November 23, the part-time soldier went to the office with dinner. Mother and sister fell ill after eating. There was poison in the dinner that day.

Sunita did not find the boy even after calling again and again as she kept the phone off. Sainat opened the phone at 9 in the morning and saw his mother’s message. Then when she called home, sister Anuja said, ‘They are seriously ill’. Sainat did not take his mother and sister to the hospital even after returning home. They were taken to the hospital after fainting. Anuja died on November 26. His mother died the next day.

Relatives suspect Sainat. Admits all in the face of questions. Sainat is currently in police custody.


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