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More than 6 lakh people were infected in one day in Corona and 12 thousand died


Corona has infected more than 6 lakh people in a single day in the world. More than 12,000 have died. The Corona situation in the United States is deteriorating day by day. More than 2 lakh have been infected in one day. About 3 thousand died. Hospitals are struggling with the second push of Corona. The EU says one person dies every 18 seconds in Europe. In this situation, Germany has extended the period of sanctions.

South Korea

Corona is still unrestrained in South Korea. However, the country is taking the university admission test. More than 5 lakh examinees are taking part in it, including patients who do not follow the hygiene rules.

The United States is the

most vulnerable state in Corona. The second wave is getting more and more horrible day by day. Hospitals in various states, including Arizona, are struggling to cope with coronary heart disease. Experts are fearing that the health management will collapse in this situation. However, the New York administration has taken a strict stance to comply with the restrictions. Police arrested a bar owner for violating hygiene rules.


Meanwhile, the situation in Europe has deteriorated further. In a virtual meeting of EU health ministers, the EU health commissioner said that one person dies every 18 seconds in European countries. The health ministers also discussed about taking necessary steps to control corona.


Corona Germany has decided to extend various restrictions, including the closure of restaurants and bars, as the situation remains unchanged. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a meeting with governors of various states that the sanctions against Corona had been extended until January 10.


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