Home Technology Many deadly viruses are getting alive when the ice melts

Many deadly viruses are getting alive when the ice melts

Many deadly viruses are getting alive when the ice melts

As the ice melts, thousands of deadly viruses have begun to come to life. Among them are viruses such as the Spanish flu, smallpox and bubonic plague, scientists said. They fear that if these viruses spread for any reason, they could pose a major threat to human civilization.

According to a study by the University of Santiago de Chile published on October 2, the Antarctic Peninsula is the hottest place in the last three decades in 2020 or this year.

From January to August, temperatures on the peninsula reach 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, or 35.8 and 36.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the northernmost part of mainland Antarctica, according to researchers at Frey Base of the Chilean Air Force on King George Island.

Such a rise in temperature in the far north of the earth could melt ice and raise sea levels. Surprised researchers say the temperature is 2 degrees Celsius higher than normal and has never been seen in the last 31 years. Thousands of years old corpses are being exposed as the ice of Antarctica continues to melt. And the viruses and bacteria that are dormant in the frozen ice have started to come alive, said Professor of the Department of Environmental Science, Jahangirnagar University. M Amir Hossain Bhuiyan and Professor. AKM Rashedul Alam.

The genetic component of the Spanish flu virus has been found under the ice in the tundra of Alaska, and the virus of smallpox and bubonic plague has also been found in Siberia, said Dr. Jahangirnagar University, Department of Environmental Sciences. Safi Md. Fabric and microbiology professor. Feroz Ahmed, Microbiologist.

Viruses like SARS, Mars, Ebola, AIDS etc. were transmitted from animals to human body.

In order to protect the world, scientists have emphasized on greening as well as reducing the temperature.


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