Home Technology How safe is your smartphone from malware?

How safe is your smartphone from malware?

How safe is your smartphone from malware?

The antivirus firm NortonLifeLock, which is a reliable source for smartphone users, has accessed 6.2 percent of malware apps from the Google Play Store, according to a research report by the Immedia Software Institute. The researchers made the decision after researching 69 million data of one crore 20 lakh Android phone users for four consecutive months.

The study compared Android with app downloads from a variety of sources, including the Play Store, web browsers, alternative markets, and instant messaging. Where only 10.4 percent of malware apps installed from third party app store. The remaining 10 to 24 percent of Android users have at least one unwanted app on their phone.

In addition, most of the malware is entering from the Google Play Store where you are downloading the app. Malware or malicious software that steals confidential information from a mobile phone, disrupts normal work and even forces you to view unwanted ads.

Experts say you need to be aware of downloading apps to protect your smartphone from malware. Do not press any other link or button while downloading apps. Unnecessary apps cannot be kept on the smartphone. Technicians are advised to be aware of the use of other sources besides the Google Play Store.


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