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For sale the book “Spanish Illustrators”


The e-book “Ilustradores Españoles” by Mario Suárez is now on sale.

spanish-illustrator-bookUnderneath the motto “Drawings, shapes and colours that can make your life extra lovely”, greater than 100 important artists share with the reader one of the best of their work, in a e-book of nice visible affect.

Mario Suárez takes a tour of one of the best Spanish illustrators of immediately, from kids’s illustrators to unbiased creators, and from minimalist languages ​​to overflowing colour ranges, the e-book brings collectively the important names on the nationwide scene.

Our Illustration Company June Illustration (www.june-illustration.com) (previously Luisannet) is represented within the e-book by a big group of illustrators, these are their names: Agent Morillas, Agustín Espina, Alfonso Casas Moreno, Bibivi, María Caleis, Carmen Ortiz, Chidy Wayne, Crajes, Cruz Martínez, Egarcigu, Eileen Moreno, Elena Mir, Eugenia Alcázar, Eva Solano, Francisco Zurita, Giselle Vitalli, Guillem Cifré, Jenia Máslova, Jorge González Molinero, Nani Serrano, Nausica, Oscar Giménez, Rafael Ricoy, Robert Tirado and Zita Delaco.

The e-book may be bought via the next hyperlinks:



Undoubtedly, an awesome alternative to fulfill probably the most excellent Spanish illustrators and be capable of visualize a cautious number of their works that can make your life extra lovely.


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