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Bloody Kabul, 6 killed in rocket attacks


The price from a series of bombings in Afghanistan has risen to eight. Rockets exploded at multiple locations within the capital, Kabul.

The Afghan health ministry said a minimum of 31 people had been injured within the powerful blast. The price could rise further because the condition of some is critical.

Several powerful rockets exploded Saturday (November 21st) civil time , Kabul police said. Many call it a ‘magnetic’ explosion. thus far 14 rocket attacks are reported.

Various roads and ghats are covered with blood. There are images of rubble scattered in those places that are attacked. Special Forces have launched a hair-raising operation across the town . Army members also join

‘s Khair Khana area in panic to the streets to demonstrate the explosions, the scholars began to run. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

The Hindustan Times reports that rockets are fired at several places in Kabul. Rockets exploded, especially near the Green Zone within the diplomatic area. The Green Zone houses important offices of varied international organizations, including the US Embassy.

Kabul police spokesman Ferdous Faramarz confirmed that quite one rocket had exploded. Several buildings and important roads were damaged. the inside Ministry said a cruiser was damaged within the attack. One policeman was killed on the spot.

In the past six months, the Afghan Taliban have administered 53 suicide attacks and 1,250 bombings. It killed 1210 civilians and injured quite two and a half thousand. Attacks have escalated across the country amid talks to revive peace in Afghanistan.


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